LAPD now confirm that two males are dead on the campus of UCLA.  A shooter apparently is still at large.  The FBI is now on the scene.  Click here or here for live streaming.

NBC Los Angeles is reporting that a suicide note and a handgun have been found on campus.  UCLA Police state that the shooting started at the engineering building on campus.  The UCLA has 43,000 students.  The LAPD tells MSNBC that at 10:03 reports shots were fired and the department responded to the call.

Police arrived on the scene and are reacting to the situation as it develops.  Three schools in the area are now on lock down due to the UCLA situation.

The LAPD says they know very little at this point and are sending in their tactical teams.  The FBI is on scene to offer their support.  If you're on campus, stay in your shelter until authorities find you.  The city of Los Angeles has been placed on tactical alert.  Police ask folks to stay away from UCLA.

The LA Bomb Squad is on scene.  There is description of the shooter or shooters at this time.

Jim Herren, UCLA Police Chief says, "there is an active investigation and search going on right now on campus.  Currently the campus is on lock down and we have hundreds of officers on the scene.  The location of the shooting was in the engineering building."

The chief could not confirm that the victims were UCLA Students.