Terrorism has once again come to America.  This time, it was New York, New Jersey, and St. Cloud Minnesota.  The media calls these attacks the new standard.  Why folks in the Gem State should be concerned and armed.  Idaho is perhaps the best state to live in to raise a family.  Our quality of life is second to none.  Our news cycle usually consists of someone doing remarkable charitable work or a new building going up.  So why terrorist target the Gem State?

The goal of all terrorists is to strike fear into the hearts and minds of their opponents.  Could you imagine how the American Public would react if an attack happened here?  No one would be safe if they can attack folks in Idaho.  We've long enjoyed our 'off the grid' status when it comes to being in the national spotlight.  However, that is changing as more folks more out West.

The state has become a destination for the Obama Syrian Refugee Program.  Recently the Idaho Statesman ran a profile about resettlement program.  There was no mention in the piece of how the government was vetting or not vetting folks coming to the Treasure Valley.  There was a lot of how the refugees were getting medical benefits and apartments.  (Sadly the government does not supply the same care to veterans and Americans who are homeless.)

In Twin Falls, the website Breitbart has documented the battle over local control of refugee resettlement.  Most folks in Twin want a say in who lives there.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Instead of being called patriots, the refugee's watchers are called names that we cannot print.  So what does this have to do with Idaho being a terror target?

We've been there before.  Thankfully Boise PD and the Feds took down the Boise Bomber who is now in prison for twenty-five years.  Here's the link.  He's a refugee from Uzbekistan.  Was he properly vetted?  Why does a paint store of the DMV have higher standards than the refugee resettlement program?

As many experts have told us on the air, there's no government to get references for background checks.  So why are we taking these folks at their word?  The majority of refugees are like all of us, they want to raise their kids and live a good life.  There's no harm in background checks to make sure we don't have another Kurbanov lurking.

Idaho and especially in our area is home to two important military installations Gowen Field and Mountain Home AFB.  We've heard from several sources that both bases have issued warnings about possible threats in our area.  If the military is concerned, so should we be about an attack.

An Idaho town was on the ISIS hit list.  You can read the story here.  I was informed that government officials met with someone locally because their home was on a hit list.  This home was in our area.  We cannot ignore the threat, and we must do everything we can to protect ourselves.

The movement must come from real honest people making life uncomfortable for our state and federal politicians.  I know, you've heard this one too many times, but unless we put it on their radar, they'll continue to ignore what's happening here.  Phone calls productive town hall meetings, calls to Idaho Talk Shows should be happening again and again, until they demand accountability from the government.