Does anyone like to travel by air anymore?  We've become so accustomed to delays, rude service, long lines, that traveling is more of an ordeal than a luxury.  Recently the TSA announced that air travelers can look forward to long lines and even more delays.  Instead of trying to accommodate folks, the TSA declared 'no fun for anyone.'  The TSA's solution to the delays was to hire clowns to entertain folks in line. 

Last week I traveled to North Carolina. I was greeted by a TSA Agent, who asked me a series of questions that seemed innocuous at first, but became more intrusive as I journeyed through the Byzantine path towards my gate. "Where are you going, when are you coming back, what's the nature of your trip, etc."

Then the next agent asked me the same series of questions in the same order. This line of questioning caused me tell them it's none of their business. However, in the age of government overreach, I decided to answer their questions and move on. I then began to ponder, do I fit a particular type of profile? I didn't know pasty, rotund, croc wearing travelers needed 'extra attention.'

It then hit me, that despite what we've heard from TSA, delays are caused by inadequate staffing and the Summer travel season, that they've missed the point. The TSA should save their probing questions for folks who are a threat to national security and not comic relief. Maybe then, we could all start to enjoy traveling again.