830AM-9AM Fox News Reporter Jenifer Keiper joins Kevin previewing the new car models this year.  Kevin gives an exclusive look at a new gun bill aimed at protecting Idaho Citizens from the federal government.

8AM-830AM  Kevin takes a look at the drug war in Idaho and America.  The minimum wage is discussed.  Kevin examines gas prices in Idaho.  Fan behavior at high school and college games are discussed.

730AM-8AM Fox News Reporter Simon Owen joins Kevin live from the Sochi Olympics.  Kevin takes a look at the country's drug policy.  Senator Ted Cruz sounds off on drugs.

7AM-730AM  Kevin is joined by Dave Petso.  They discuss the new Ruth's Chris Steak House in Boise, the minimum wage issue, the state of the markets, and other money issues.

630AM-7AM Kevin asks whether or not police should pull you over for eating while driving.  Kentucky is arresting people distracting driving.  Kevin discusses the Michael Sam issue.

6AM-630AM  Kevin previews legislation that would raise the minimum wage in the state of Idaho.  Callers voice their opinion on whether or not the government should be involved in business.  Kevin discusses the latest on Hillary Clinton.

530AM-6AM  Kevin discusses the Michael Sam coming out of the closet with Dave Burnett.  Also the Marcus Smart incident involving him shoving a fan during a basketball game.  A dense fog advisory is issued.