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An Idaho farm run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints needs your help feeding families in our area and throughout the country. The farm has called for volunteers to help them harvest thousands of potatoes that will be used to help folks in need.

East Idaho News reported that Taylorview Farms, owned by Idaho Falls Crops, is looking for volunteers, hundreds, to help feed the needy. The farm only has three full-time employees to harvest the plethora of potatoes. 

The farm says that fifty percent of the potatoes will go to Salt Lake City. The potatoes will end up in a storage facility to be given out throughout the country. Feeding America's Northwest Division gets the other fifty percent. 

Idaho charities do receive food from the farm. The farm tells East Idaho News that all volunteers are welcome to help with the harvest, which will begin on September 29th.

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The donations could not come at a better time for Idahoans and Americans feeling the pain of inflation during the Biden Administration. The inflation rate is the highest its been in forty years. The cost of goods has risen by double digits due to the rising cost of energy due to shutting off the Keystone Pipeline and the Russian/Ukraine War.

Idaho is known as the 'potato state,' but is one of the country's top five states for agriculture. Farms across the state have also donated excess crops to help local charities who feed the needy.

How bad is the need in Idaho?

Ariel Jackson the executive director of the Idaho Falls Community Food basket tells East Idaho News that their group feeds 1,600 families a month.  The farm's donation supplies them enough potatoes to feed the needy for the year.

BYU reported that the farm is over 4,000 acres and produces 10 million pounds of potatoes a year.

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