Sure, Idaho might be one of the fastest growing states in the country but according to Beef2Live, the number of cows here still outnumber the amount of people. 

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

That’s why it shouldn’t surprise you that some of Idaho’s 237 cities and populated places that appeared in the United State Census Bureau’s data for 2020 have populations in the double digits. To those of us living in Ada County where growth has driven the median home price to a record setting $595,000, living amongst tens of people kind of sounds like a dream come true right now.

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While these towns might not be the smallest in population (that title belongs to Warm River, who actually gained a resident during the last census, pushing the number of residents to four) they are pretty small in both population and size! 

If you HAVE heard of these small towns, we want you on our team next time we hit up trivia night! If you’ve actually been to one of these obscure towns, we’ll make you team captain!

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The back of one of these historic postcards describes Burke, ID like this "This quaint show-piece of the area’s early-day mining is jammed in a canyon with hardly room for its street, railroad and stream. Shoshone county is one of the world’s great mining regions and has produced over 2 billion dollars - mostly in lead, silver and zinc." Burke's mining operations came to a halt in 1991 and the remaining residents left town. Today, the structures that have survived look like the town that time forgot. Read more about the history of Burke HERE.


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