A new store in Garden City is taking grocery shopping to a whole new level. Roots Zero Waste Market on Chinden Blvd. is encouraging shoppers to minimize their impact on the environment with their shopping habits. According to Boise Weekly, Roots Zero Waste Market makes use of reusable, compostable, and recyclable materials and even has a container exchange program. Users pay $5 to participate, then they can "swap used vessels for freshly cleaned ones; at the prepared foods area, there will be a $.05 charge for compostable takeout containers."

If you are looking for plastic bags, you won't find it there. They've replaced plastic with paper bags. There's also a ban on plastics and palm oil products. Along with a reduction in materials, they also re-purpose what doesn't get used. According to Boise Weekly, "edible incidentals like cauliflower leaves and carrot stalks are re-purposed. If an apple falls to the floor, it goes into the juicer rather than the garbage."

Roots Zero Waste Market will open its doors on Saturday, Sept. 21.

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