For the fourth year in a row, McCall will enforce an alcohol ban at their popular beaches surrounding Payette Lake and a 24-hour alcohol ban on July 4 at City parks including Legacy, Brown, Davis Beach, Art Roberts, and Rotary parks. According to Boise Weekly, the alcohol ban on North Beach will be in effect from Wednesday- Sunday, July 3-7.

The alcohol bans have fluctuated since 2016 when the City of McCall entered into an agreement with the county and state to "regulate the Fourth of July celebration". After large crowds flocked to McCall to party, there were complaints of "drunkenness, explicit language and various stages of nudity" at different beaches in McCall and North Beach in Ponderosa Park.

According to Boise Weekly, the Summers following the ban definitely decreased the number of people that chose to celebrate the holiday in McCall: "the beach was nearly deserted in 2016 and 2017, the first two years of the ban, but about 100 people enjoyed the beach on the holiday last year."

While the city didn't have to deal with the rowdy party crowd, they did want to encourage families to enjoy the fourth of July holiday, so they created the Lakeside Liberty Fest at Legacy Park which features family-friendly activities, music, food, booths and activities on Independence Day, then on Friday, July 5, they'll host a "Movie Under the Stars" event.

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