Omar Mateen's Dad tells the BBC that he never saw hatred in his son's heart.  Plus we're beginning to learn more about the killer's ties to ISIS and the US Government.  Mateen worked as a security guard and held two firearms licenses and a security guard license  according to Counter Jihad.  The article states that Mateen's employer was involved with the transportation of thousands of illegal immigrants from the border to states across the country.  His company was charged with transporting dangerous inmates from one prison to another.  (Considering the FBI interviewed him about his ties to ISIS twice, why was this guy allowed to keep his job?)

Sitora Yusifiy, Mateen's exwife, tells the Washington Post she was repeatedly abused by the terrorist.  The couple divorced and he went on a pilgramage to Saudi Arabia.  (Am I missing the warning Will Robinson Moment here?)

The police tried to negotiate an end to the hostage situation.  The terrorist told them he was going to kill more people.  The Sun reports he died laughing as the police killed him while rescuing the hostages.    Mateen's father tells the BBC that he doesn't know why his son turned into an ISIS Killer.  Watch the video below.  Join us every morning on 580 KIDO as we continue to examine the fallout from the Orlando Shooting.