As the world continues to focus on the Orlando Shooting, let's not forget the courage, valor, and sacrifice of the Orlando Police Department.  Their actions have once again shown all of us how grateful we all should be for law enforcement. 

It's been a challenging few years for police officers across the country. Violence in communities like Ferguson and Baltimore have empowered groups to attack law enforcement. It seems we only hear the news about the few bad police incidents and not the thousands of acts of service, protection, and sacrifice that happen across the Treasure Valley and throughout our nation daily.

I'd like to acknowledge those SWAT Officers in Orlando for their service early Sunday Morning. All too often the media tends to gloss over the incredible acts of selflessness exhibited by police officers in search of blame or a polarizing lead. The officers, in this case, rushed into the Pulse gay night club to save the lives of total strangers. They would tell you it's what they're trained to do, to protect and serve.

The next time someone from one of those special interest groups attacks the police, I'd ask you to remind them of this example. One police officer exchanged gunfire with killer Omar Mateen. He was hit in the head and would've died if he hadn't been wearing his Kevlar Helmet. This should be the lead headline. Instead, the press mentions it briefly.

The survivors credit the excellent work of the Orlando Police with saving their lives. Twenty individuals were trapped in the club's bathroom and surely would've been killed by Mateen. The SWAT Officers rushed in and exchanged gunfire with the terrorist killing him.

These heroic actions are not unique to the Orlando Police Department. Anyone who wears 'the blue' is a hero and should be appreciated for their courageous work.