President Trump announced that he authorized a raid that resulted in the death of the founder of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  The daring effort was the result of cooperation of Russia, Turkey, the Kurds, and Syria.

The president said it was a team led by the ultra secret Army unit known as the Delta Force and the Army's elite fighting unit the 75th Ranger Regiment .  The group flew over hostile territory for well over an hour taking small arms fire said President Trump, reports CNN.

Baghdadi died like a dog.  He was whimpering like a coward, said President Trump, says The commandos secured the compound, took the intel, and captured valuable prisoners.  Once the teams left an airstrike of the area was ordered on the area.  The military did not want the area to become a shrine to the dead ISIS leader, reports Newsweek.

The Delta Force is so secretive that the Army doesn't acknowledge that there is a Delta Force.  The applicants undergo the most intense training of any unit in or out of the US Military.  The unit is under the command of the US Joint Special Operations Command located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

You can read more about the Delta Force and the history of the unit by clicking this link here.  For more information on how the raid was carried out, you can click the link here.


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