This state has told it's police force not to investigate the smell of weed.  This state has not legalized marijuana, but has legalized hemp.   Find out which state it, but clicking here.

The battle over just how far states will go when it comes to how to handle legalized weed continues to challenge law enforcement across the nation.  One state has told its officers not to investigate the smell of weed when on patrol.  Which state is it?   It looks like Florida potheads will no longer have to carry around tiny aerosol cans of odor-eliminating air freshener.

Multiple law enforcement agencies in the state have reportedly instructed officers to not investigate when they smell marijuana, reports the Miami Herald. Although Florida is not among the U.S. states to have legalized recreational marijuana, it did legalize hemp -- the non-drug part of a marijuana plant used to make cloth, rope and CBD oil. Because there's little difference between the smell of hemp and pot leaves, Florida law enforcement organizations are opting to avoid potentially wasting their time.

A memo distributed to state law enforcement agencies reads, "Hemp and cannabis look, feel and smell the same, and both can be smoked. Currently, there is no way to distinguish between hemp and cannabis based on plain view or odor alone." Any idea why hemp was illegal in the first place? Should the federal government legalize weed so every state has the same law?

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