If you found yourself in downtown Boise on Saturday morning through the afternoon--you might have noticed there was a LOT going on. Thousands gathered peacefully at the Idaho State Capitol for a rally organized by a few different groups--including the Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates.

Named "Bans off our Bodies", the rally was a massive response to what is going on nationwide after a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court of the United States suggested that Roe v Wade made be overturned.

Here are just a few posts and images that give a glimpse into the massive gathering:




You can find more photos and a write up on the event, here:             


Idaho lawmakers and activists alike gathered and spoke along side organization leaders. The response was so large, the Ada County Highway District even closed many streets in downtown Boise to accommodate the safety of activists.

At this point, more and more of these gatherings are expected until word is given from the Supreme Court.

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