The first bowl games will begin this weekend. Do you know how many bowl games are scheduled for this season? College football fans will be treated to forty-three bowl games, not twenty or not thirty. Boise State fans will get a treat as the Broncos take on UCLA on Saturday in the LA Bowl or Gronk Bowl.

Why Is the Gronk Bowl Important?


Boise State has the advantage of being one of the first teams to play during the bowl season. The national media has profiled this game as the one to watch on a busy football-filled weekend. UCLA's last game in the Pac-12 will be against that team that could be a part of the new Pac-12.


UCLA has the pedigree and the talent to give the Broncos all they can handle. Despite Chip Kelly losing both coordinators, he brings a wealth of talent and experience. The Broncos will have to face a tough Bruins team without a starting quarterback. If UCLA can stop Ashton Jeanty, it will be a very long day for the Boise State offense.

Spencer Danielson's Big Debut

The team rallied around new head coach Spencer Danielson, finishing the season strong. The young coach now has the task of showing the nation how his underdog team performs on a big national stage. A bruising physical defense will test Danielson's security.

Boise State's Big Opportunity

If Boise State can pull the upset on national television, it sets the team up for success next year. A win puts the program in a positive light after a turbulent year that resulted in the firing of Coach Andy Avalos. A win helps Coach Danielson's challenge of returning the Broncos to the national state.

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