Let's take a break from the nonstop coronavirus coverage to take a look at the accomplishments of the Idaho Legislature.  The 2020 session started with our usual naive optimism that this would be the year that our public servants would finally deliver on their multiple campaign promises.

We're all disappointed that the grocery tax was not repealed.  Unfortunately, property tax relief was not granted to the Idaho Taxpayer during this session.  It has been my experience that bills become laws during election years.  Will we have to wait another two years before the legislature decides to take another look at aiding their constituents?

The fear of being removed from office is nonexistent during our current primary cycle.  The historic mail in ballot will only aid those who have money and name recognition.  How does one effectively campaign door to door in this age of social distancing?   Too bad the coronavirus doesn't recognize our issues.  It has certainly impacted our life in so many areas.  Here's the link to get your mail in ballot.



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