Have you ever watched the television show 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'? The show is about five folks running a bar, always scheming to acquire power, money, and sex. One could argue a real-life version of that show from California is there's always something crazy coming out of California.

A video showing Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony being spanked at a fundraiser has gone viral. Is a California mayor getting spanked? One would ask why it's newsworthy. We're sure there are many California mayors who enjoy getting spanked; however, Mayor Konstantine was shown bent over getting spanked by a giant drag queen.  You can see the troubling video here.


The mayor says he was only having fun at a fundraiser, and no children were present during the viral video. Fox LA reported that the city council did not appreciate the mayor's appearance at the drag queen bingo held by the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats.

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The mayor did address the controversy. "I come from a very silly performance background," the Burbank Mayor said. "To me, what is goofy and normal to other folks seems inappropriate. That's not their fault. That's mine. I need to learn that line."

Most folks expressed disgust with the mayor's behavior during the meeting, and citizens who couldn't make the meeting called in to let the mayor have it on the record.

The drag queen issue is the latest in the continued polarization spreading across America. Last year, the Gay Pride event pulled their drag queen story time after conservatives rallied to protest it. 

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