Bring on the bucket of Nutella!

If you've ever shopped at Costco, you know it's a dream. You can get bulk ANYTHING, from socks, batteries, sausage, even vitamin gummy chews!

There's just one catch; in order to shop at the ginormous store you have to have a membership-usually costing about $60 per year.


That's right! You no longer need a Costco card to get the 40-pack of underwear, or tub of mayonnaise.

A same-day grocery delivery service called, Instacart has partnered with Costco to deliver items from the bulk retailer right to your door!

Unfortunately, the service is only available in certain state, and yep, you guessed it.....not Idaho ISN'T one of them. BOOOOOOO!!!!!

But if you know someone in Utah, Oregon, Washington, or California let them know, because they can take advantage of it.

*Starts packing, calls the movers, heads to Oregon*

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