Idaho Gun March Monday
Idaho is the last frontier of American Freedoms.  Many refer to the Gem State as how America use to be and could be again.  The residents of Idaho can begin to make that statement a reality by joining the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance's march of the capitol this Monday.
Duck Guns For Idaho
It had to happen.  Walk into a Wal Mart and you see it everywhere.  Merchandise for the ever popular Duck Dynasty seems to be on every shelf.  I thought I had seen the limit when I noticed Duck Dynasty Sugar Cookies shaped in the form of your favorite characters.
Look For Mr. Right
We hear it every election cycle, this election is the most important one in our lifetime.  Then we vote and have to live with the consequences.  This time it is the most important election for one political party in Idaho and the country.  Can you guess which one?
Duck America Wins
The television network A&E has announced that Phil Robertson's suspension is over.  Now that was quick.  Why is this good news for conservative America?
Double Duck Standard
Would Phil Robertson have gotten the boot if he were a liberal? How many times have we watched an offensive show on TV that attack our family values and we're told to get a sense of humor?