We all know how popular Idaho has become as we continue to see more and more people moving into our great state. 2022 is an election year in Idaho, and like some states, we have elections every two years. Most political insiders are waiting for the results of the upcoming primary to determine how conservative Idaho has remained or if more newcomers are liberals.

Most Idahoans have identified themselves as either Conservatives or libertarians in the past. Idaho does have a few Democratic strongholds like the Sun Valley area and a few cities like Boise. However, have you ever wondered which city in Idaho is the most Conservative?

Although their data is from 2019, Roadsnacks.net has put together the top 10 list of Conservative cities in Idaho. Although we are in 2022, let's see if you agree with their findings.

Idaho's Most Conservative Cities

Do you live in a super Conservative Idaho City?

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