It had to happen.  Walk into a Wal Mart and you see it everywhere.  Merchandise for the ever popular Duck Dynasty seems to be on every shelf.  I thought I had seen the limit when I noticed Duck Dynasty Sugar Cookies shaped in the form of your favorite characters.  I was wrong.  The most popular duck hunters from Louisiana are now going into the gun business.  It's a natural for their brand.  The company Mossberg will be manufacturing the guns from their plant located in New Haven, Connecticut.  Yep when I think of a gun friendly state, I think of Connecticut.  Which does beg the question, where is our gun industry in Idaho?

Recently Guns and Ammo Magazine ranked the top gun states for gun ownership and conceal and carry rights.  The Gem state ranked 31st in conceal carry rights due to it's vague stand your ground and duty to retreat laws remain vague according to G&A.  Total gun ownership Idaho ranked a disappointing 32nd.  G&A's study said once again our laws were too vague but did not we have there was no limit when it came to magazine capacity.

The governor vowed to woo gun jobs to Idaho by writing letters.  I set up a Facebook page and that's about the only movement we've had in bringing gun jobs to Idaho.  We will soon see whether or not gun rights defenders Greg Pruett and Tony Snesko will be successful in strengthening our gun laws.  We hear behind closed doors that this time Idaho politicians will do the right thing and vote for tougher laws protecting the 2nd Amendment.  We shall see  To bring in the serious folks, we as citizens need to produce  more than  lip service.

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I look forward to the day when the Gem State is a leader in protecting the 2nd Amendment and not wishing we had the gun industries of other less conservative states.   Once that day arrives, the Duck Commander will be calling us, instead of us calling him.

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