Idaho is the last frontier of American Freedoms.  Many refer to the Gem State as how America use to be and could be again.  The residents of Idaho can begin to make that statement a reality by joining the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance's march of the capitol this Monday.    The march is the brainchild of Greg Pruett and his group the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance.  The idea is that the group will show Idaho's elected officials that real gun legislation has to be passed in this session.  Every year gun rights champions hope that lawmakers will strengthen the 2nd Amendment.   Every year nothing happens.  Will this year be different?

Idaho Gun March Monday
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Ethan Miller

This is the first march of it's kind in Idaho.  There have been rallies and speeches before, but nothing on the scale of what is expected Monday.  The more hunters, target shooters, gun owners, etc show up, the more pressure will be applied to the folks in Boise to make it happen.  Then again, a weak turnout will send the opposite message and allow weeny lawmakers to kill gun bills in Boise as they have done in the past four years.

Greg Pruett understands the meaning of hard work.  Greg's quest began a little over a year ago when he and several friends began collecting petitions outside gun stores in the Treasure Valley.  He collected over 2,000 signatures, it could've been 3,000, and yet not one elected official would write a bill supporting Constitutional Carry.  The excuses rolled in faster than the gun grabbers in California.  The net result was a legislative session without any significant gun bills passing.  I'm still amazed that no one had the guts to write a bill with all those signatures.

Which brings us back to how you can make a difference Monday.  Perhaps signatures can be ignored but the power of the people in person cannot.  If you want to keep the 2nd Amendment, it's time to strengthen it and that begins Monday.

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