Fat 2 Back: Secrets of Meal Prep
Experts say commitment is a big part of losing weight. I humbly admit that I've needed the folks mentioned above who continued to encourage me. I hope to be an example to encourage others. We're all in this together.
Fat2Back: The New Normal
My choice is that if I want to live a healthier life then good food is in and bad food is out. It's not easy, but neither are the consequences.
5 Things That Will Make You Bail On Your Workout
More than a third of people will cut a workout short if they forgot something. Others will quit early because they ate a waffle first and shouldn't have. It turns out, there are a whole host of reasons for not finishing strong at the gym.
West Boise Family YMCA Video With Kevin Miller
Have you ever wondered why anyone would get out of bed before 6am or 7am to workout?  Are these folks fired up, crazy, or on to something?  Find out by watching the video above of our live broadcast to the West Family YMCA in Meridian.  Okay cue the Village People!