The move to impeach Idaho's Governor Brad Little has become official. State Representative Chad Christensen has written and submitted the articles of impeachment in a bill. He has taken to social media to ask Idahoans to ask Chairman Representative Brent Crane to allow the bill a hearing.
If a hearing is granted and then a majority of the committee members vote to approve it, the bill will go to the entire House for a vote.  The pressure is now on Representative Crane who's one of the state's most solid Conservative legislators.  If Crane allows the bill to be heard then we could see the entire House vote to impeach the governor.  If he doesn't allow the vote, Crane will receive unprecedented criticism for allegedly protecting the governor.

To view the entire bill and an interview with Representative Christensen  click the link to our friends at the Idaho Dispatch.
It is interesting to note that as of right now the bill has no cosponsors.  It appears that Representative Christensen is on his own.   Could we see more people echoing their support to get rid of Governor Little?  The lack of any legislator willing to put their name on the bill undermines its credibility.
Here's the latest post from the representative from his Facebook page.
It has been an interesting day. All kinds of nastiness has been thrown at me. However, I have gotten a lot of support from patriots and I truly appreciate that. I do not do this to become popular. I do not do this to get attention. I think I would rather put my head in a vice. However, I am resilient, strong, and I persevere. If that was not the case, I would simply cower in the corner and not put my neck out there. I don't do this to take the easy route. It would be much easier to take the easy route, receive personal gain, and maybe receive a chairmanship.
I do what I do because I feel it is right. I do what I do because I stand for the Constitution. I have done about 6 media interviews today. I have informed all of them which aspects of the Constitution I feel Governor Little has violated. Many on this page think I have been keeping it a secret. That is comical. I have put it out there over and over.
There are numerous violations in the impeachment draft. However, I have put out 4 major ones for a while.
1. The most egregious violations are those listed in the 1st Amendment, by not allowing people to peacefully assemble and later limiting those gatherings. The 1st Amendment does not allow for restrictions to be placed on peaceful assembly.
2. He has violated the right to worship by shutting down churches, again violating the right to worship protected by the 1st Amendment.
3. He has violated the contract clause in the Constitution by shutting down businesses, thus interfering with business contracts.
4. He has violated the Idaho Constitution by appropriating funds, only the legislature has that authority.
The list is much longer, but these are the most significant for me.
I have put this out there numerous times, but I will do it once again.
I stand on principle and the Constitution. I don’t do this to incite violence or cause division. I do what I feel is right. I either defend and uphold the Constitution or I can half-ass it. I don't half-ass things. Either I do it completely or I don't. I feel integrity is very important. I told my constituents that I would always defend the Constitution. That doesn't mean not doing it when it is extremely difficult and painful.
I am truly sorry about those affected by COVID. I am not heartless. However, nothing justifies the gross violation of God-given rights, in my opinion.
Have a good night District 32 and Idahoans. God is with us.

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