Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher joined us this morning for an exclusive interview reacting to Special Counsel Jack Smith's decision to announce another set of indictments against former President Donald Trump.

The former president will appear in court this week to answer the charges leveled against him. Despite the numerous volume of legal challenges, He is holding a commanding lead in the Republican Presidential Primary Field.

Youtube / NewsMax
Youtube / NewsMax

Congressman Fulcher shared his reaction to President Trump's latest legal obstacles. He held nothing back in his assessment on the credibility of the special counsel's allegations and their relationship to unseen forces influencing the government.
"To understand this and put context around it, in my opinion, you have to understand the cause, the reason for the fever attacks, and the vitriol against Donald Trump.

The deep state is afraid of him; he knows of the corruption within the system; I know of the corruption within the system; only now are they starting to get some accountability.

They are afraid of Donald Trump; if he's elected again, he will go through that place and clean it up; their authority and autonomy will be over."

YouTube / CSPAN
YouTube / CSPAN

Congressman Fulcher explained that he had confronted the FBI and CIA in the secured areas known as a SKIFF. He told us that he could only reveal that Congress will cut off their funding if their government agencies do not restore credibility and accountability.

The congressman continued to worry about an objective jury in Washington DC and said the system would do whatever it could to keep President Trump out of the White House.



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