Idaho's congressional delegation has united in seeking to stop President Joe Biden's energy grab that would put massive windmills in Idaho to power California residents. The controversial 'Lava Ridge' project that we first reported on is part of the president's energy plan to eliminate fossil fuels as a source of energy.

What is Biden's Nefarious Lava Ridge Project?

President Biden has a thing for alternate energy sources as we continue to feel the pain at the pump. The president has a new obsession with the Gem State involving windmills, electric power, and sending our electric output to California. Every Idahoan should be aware of the Lava Ridge Wind Project that Biden's cronies are trying to force upon Idaho.

Exposed The Lava Ridge Project Sending Idaho's Power to California

An inside look at this controversial project

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The project's goal is to build one of the largest, if not the largest, windmill plant on public lands next to the Minidoka National Historic Site. Lava Ridge is part of the president's grand plan to replace drilling for oil with his choice of power. 

Residents and activists have challenged the proposal stating that the project will destroy industries like hunting, fishing, farming, and ranching. The site would build hundreds of gigantic windmills across 75 acres of government land. The wind turbines are so large they dwarf Seattle's Space Needle at over 740 feet.

Idaho's Politicians Fire Back at Biden!

U.S. Senator Jim Risch with Senator Mike Crapo, Congressman Mike Simpson, and Congressman Russ Fulcher (all R-Idaho) today introduced the Don’t Develop Obstructive Infrastructure on our Terrain (Don’t DO IT) Act. The Don’t DO IT Act would require the Secretary of the Interior deny any wind or solar energy project proposed on public land that is disapproved of by the State legislature.    



Even more disturbing is that the energy produced by Biden's Windmill Boondoggle will go to California.  Idaho's politicians sounded off in a rare joint press release. Thousands of Idahoans have petitioned BLM, Joe Biden, and anyone else who will listen. It will be interesting to see if the Don't Do It Act gets supported in the Democratically controlled Senate and the Republican controlled House.

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