President Donald Trump is having a great week. Despite legal challenges, the former president is expected to win the New Hampshire Primary easily. His most conservative challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has exited the race and endorsed President Trump.

Although the Idaho Republican Caucuses are weeks away, several prominent elected Idaho Republicans have publicly supported President Trump. President Trump will be the only one on the ballot when Idaho chooses their delegates in a few weeks.

Senator Jim Risch
YouTube/ US Senate

Senator Jim Risch was the first to endorse another term of President Trump. He gave the following statement to Politico: 

“I realize President Trump greatly aggravates the left and the national media. I believe that is a small price to pay for righting this ship of state which is so greatly listing. I hope Republicans will join me in nominating President Trump.

Young Russ Fulcher debating in Idaho.


Congressman Russ Fulcher took to Facebook to share his endorsement of President Trump: 

Donald J. Trump is the best equipped and most qualified Republican presidential candidate to take on the bureaucracy, work with Congress to fix President Biden's mess, and restore our Constitutional Republic. I supported him in the past, and I stand with him now. President Trump has my full endorsement for the Office of President.

YouTube/Senator Crapo
YouTube/Senator Crapo

Senator Mike Crapo has joined the Trump team, releasing his endorsement today:

“During the Trump Administration, we had one of the strongest economies in generations: lowest unemployment rates in 50 years, growing wages with record tax receipts, millions of new jobs, and median income at an all-time high. President Trump grew our stagnant economy, restored our military strength, dramatically reduced federal regulations and strengthened our borders. I stand with Donald Trump and pledge to help him get back to our country's core values and aspirations.” 


We haven't found an endorsement yet from Congressman Mike Simpson, but we will update you on if or when that happens. 

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