The Republican presidential primary season is underway as the Iowa Caucuses are over, and we're only days away from the New Hampshire Primary. Politicos get a break as the next primary after the Granite State is in South Carolina on February 3.

President Donald Trump dominated Iowa, and many of his supporters believe he will finish off Ambassador Nikki Haley and Governor Ron DeSantis, thus ending the race. 

Pundits and elected officials have declared the race is over, citing President Trump's victory in Iowa, where he set a caucus record for the most significant winning margin. One candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, already bowed out to endorse the former president. The quicker a primary candidate is declared, the better the chances are for the Republicans to defeat President Biden in the November election. 

This year, Idaho will hold a presidential caucus on the Saturday before Super Tuesday. The Gem State has historically held its presidential primary on or after Super Tuesday. Idaho is rarely considered a political player due to its remote location and super-Republican majority. The goal for moving the selection date up is that Idahoans will have a say in the presidential selection process, and the party's prominent candidates will visit the Gem State. 

YouTube/NBC News
YouTube/NBC News

However, if Nikki Haley doesn't win New Hampshire, it's doubtful that she or Governor DeSantis will visit Idaho. We, along with several prominent Republicans, have been lobbying for a presidential visit before the president was president. President Biden and Obama visited Idaho, but President Trump has not visited any part of our state.

So, whether Republicans agree with the former United Nations ambassador or the current Florida governor, they should be cheering for both to over-perform against the former president, allowing the contest to continue. 

Idaho is a proud Trump state. However, he did lose the state to Senator Ted Cruz in 2016. Here's a complete list of the Republican Presidential Contests. 

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