After much hand-wringing, promotion, and anticipation, the Idaho Republican Caucus happened over the weekend. To the surprise of no one, President Donald Trump won significantly, hugely, as he would say. If you missed the action over the weekend, we've broken down five takeaways from the caucus.

Corey and President Trump on the trail

Idaho Republicans love President Trump. He won the Idaho Caucus with 84.89% of the Republican vote. The former president's appeal has grown in the Gem State since his loss to Senator Ted Cruz in Idaho's 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.

Governor Nikki Hailey
YouTube/Fox News

Ambassador Nikki Haley does not have a future in Idaho politics. Her opportunity to get a better than a marginal return for her presidential campaign failed to appear in Idaho. She garnered only 13.19% of the vote.

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The Idaho Republican base is roughly forty thousand folks who will support the party no matter what—a significant thank you to those who took the time to vote on a Saturday.

There were a few bumps for those who expected the caucus to resemble a primary or general election. The lack of locations led to long lines and hurt feelings for those who didn't know that the caucus ran for only an hour and a half.


Could we see another caucus in four years? It depends on whether the decision-makers in the legislature decide to move Idaho's date to an earlier date or stick with the traditional May primary date. There's one certainty in Idaho politics: it's like the weather; it changes constantly.

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