It's a shame that the RNC Presidential Primary process has already run its course. The conventional wisdom involving presidential primaries is that several, at least half a dozen candidates survive the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Traditionally, South Carolina allows the candidates to recover and raise enough money and votes, hopefully, to get to Super Tuesday.

The advocates of Idaho's Presidential Caucus deserve credit for trying to make the Gem State relevant in presidential politics. Idaho's GOP Caucus will be before Super Tuesday, which would allow candidates to get a quick win, collect convention delegates, and build momentum before Super Tuesday.

YouTube/NBC News
YouTube/NBC News

Unfortunately, Chris Christie, Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis, and others will not visit our beloved states. The RNC's bungled revised primary selection process has failed to provide a competitive field. Instead, Idaho will be fortunate to get a visit from President Trump, Ambassador Nikki Haley, and Pastor Ryan L. Binkley.

Idaho Republicans are passionate about supporting the caucus despite the lack of presidential candidates or a visit from any of the current contenders. Idaho has yet to host a visit from former President Trump despite the state's rock-solid Republican domination of legislature, congressional, and state delegation.

Idaho is not the only state picking convention delegates on March 2nd. The Gem State will compete against Michigan and Missouri on Saturday, Washington DC will hold its caucus on Monday, followed by North Dakota on Monday. The next day, Super Tuesday is a regional primary covering several states.

We invite the remaining Republican candidates to campaign in our state. Idaho should be rewarded for its leadership, not penalized for its success.

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