It's not every day that an Idahoan is featured on a national television show, except Aaron Paul. Can anyone name the last time anyone from our state was ever on Saturday Night Live? Politics and television are strange bedfellows as Saturday Night Live featured Idaho's Conservative Senator Jim Risch in their cold open.

The cold open for the show usually features the guest star doing a monologue or as part of a skit. Last week's show focused on how four senators, Jim Risch, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Tim Scott, discussed the popularity of former President Donald Trump.

Senator Jim Risch
YouTube/ US Senate

The bit attempts to portray these great senators as hypocrites. It's easy to make fun of politicians; however, when has Saturday Night Live ever portrayed a liberal Democrat in a realistic light? Imagine what they would be producing if Joe Biden was a Republican? SNL was the show that featured Nikki Haley attacking the former president a few weeks ago.

YouTube/ Fox 5 New York
YouTube/ Fox 5 New York

The truth is that the media will always take cheap shots at Republicans while they ignore the ineptness of the current administrations. If President Trump was wrong, why wasn't he beaten in the primaries? Several key democratic special interest groups are not happy with the Biden Administration. Those groups have to over-deliver if the president is to be reelected; without their passion and votes, Joe is out the door.

Back to Senator Risch, it may not be a positive portrayal of our conservative senator, but it is a compliment that the liberal media is not noticing him.

You can watch the cold open below.

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