Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher shared his thoughts on the Chinese government threatening America if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visits the island nation of Taiwan. "I think there should be high-ranking officials going to Taiwan. Personally, I wish it were someone other than the Speaker; however, she is the Speaker of the House."

Congressman Fulcher told us that the Speaker's pending visit sends a message to the Chinese government that our country recognizes Taiwan's independence. He said that the person third in line to the presidency must show support to our allies in the region.

The Biden Administration is proposing to loosen trade regulations on China. The Administration says that eliminating tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration will help America's ailing economy.

Before his election to Congress, Congressman Fulcher worked for Micron and shared his thoughts on the current tense relations between America and China. "As somebody who has dealt directly with the Chinese culture, Chinese leadership, Chinese people, in China, I can tell you that I believe very strongly that they do not have the best interest of America at heart." He continued, "to the contrary, they are our enemies right now."

He compared our relationship with China to our old relationship during the Cold War. The congressman said that American money, business, and government that has been funding the current Communist Chinese regime.

Congressman Fulcher spoke on the fed raising the interest rates, current legislation involving US chip makers, and a bill he authored in the energy sector that will relax restrictions on geothermal energy. You can listen to the entire interview here.


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