Only the federal government attempting to build a massive windmill farm could attract hundreds of Idahoans to a meeting Thursday night. The controversial Lava Ridge Project seeks to build a facility featuring hundreds of giant windmills creating an environmental hazard for folks who live in Idaho's Magic Valley. 

Over four hundred folks appeared at Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center in Twin Falls, seeking to stop the project. The Bureau of Land Management organized the event for public comment on the project. 

The project has drawn the attention of several national media outlets, including Fox News. Local Idahoans organized a website and a Facebook page dedicated to stopping Lava Ridge. Governor Little, Congressman Fulcher, Lieutenant Governor Bedke, Senator Risch, Senator Crapo, and Congressman Simpson have spoken out against the federal land grab.

Residents and activists have challenged the proposal stating that the project will destroy industries like hunting, fishing, farming, and ranching. The site would build hundreds of gigantic windmills across 75 acres of government land. The wind turbines are so large they dwarf Seattle's Space Needle at over 740 feet.

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A look at the statement from Idaho's elected leaders.
“Idahoans cherish the concept of multiple and mixed uses on their public lands. This requires conservation, predictability of use and, most importantly, support from the local communities. These deep-rooted values are compromised by a piecemeal approach to large-scale generation projects on public lands. Dedicating hundreds of square miles of public lands to a specific use will have a long-term effect on recreation, grazing, sporting uses and the land in general,” they said.

If Lava Ridge is approved it will provide power not to Idaho, but to California. Locals continue to rally to stop the project. The BLM said that they will continue to extend the public comment period. We will continue to keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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