History was made Thursday night when former President Donald Trump turned himself in to authorities in Fulton County, Georgia. The former president has responded to his arrest as he continues his campaign to return to the Oval Office.

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The Big 8

Since we live in a world of instant feedback on large and minor issues, we thought we'd share with you how Idaho reacts to the latest news involving former President Trump.


The fact that he was even arrested makes me mad. Our current administration is so corrupt and anyone focuses on is President Trump.


Smile. Justice


The con man is finally getting what he deserves.
Banana Republic
It's a joke.
Pastor Ben
Virtually every government institution in America has been perverted. Justice stumbles in the streets.


It shows how corrupt and vile our government has become. Joe Biden is trying to become the first dictator of the USA



The former president now faces several court cases in Florida, New York City, Washington DC and Georgia. At the time of this publication, no members of the Idaho Congressional Delegation has comment on the president being booked in Georgia.

Idaho is one of the top states that voted for President Trump. He continues to be popular in the Gem State. Several local candidates have tried to imitate the former president's appeal, but have yet to replicate his success.

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