This year's Miller's Mission, taking place at the Wal Mart on Garrity in Nampa, will be a unique event, unlike those in the past.

This year, compared to Miller's Missions past, will be a bit more open-ended. But please don't be mistaken, this less specific opportunity to support your neighbors in need is in no way less. It's intended to be encouraging.

We all have something to give, and we all have something we need. We all have heard the cores, "We are all in this together?"

Let's be sure to make that message ring true. Whether it is your ear, listening to stories from Kevin Miller of KIDO, of those affected by the Boise Rescue Mission's efforts, or canned goods, to support a mother and child in need, or a monetary donation which gives a direct hand up to your neighbors in need.

There is no wrong. There is no "not enough."

The Treasure Valley is a community that knew that it was "in this together" long before this recent COVID-19 pandemic. Now is your chance to get take part in that again.

The "new normal" only gets better.

This year's Miller's Mission takes place May 18-23. For more details, visit Miller's Mission 2020 Homepage


The Many Messages of Miller's Mission

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