Kevin is taken to task by Betty Lou for not agreeing with Chief Masterson.  She hangs up on Kevin.  ISP Captain Bill Gardner explains to Kevin today is the 75th anniversary of the Idaho State Police.  Several folks call in to voice their opinions.


Kevin interviews Matt Rice from Mercy for Animals concerning his opposition to the AG Gag Bill.  Matt hints that there could be a lawsuit against the state if the bill is passed.  Kevin is joined by unknown mystery guest in studio.  They debate the campus carry bill and whether or not public employees should speak out against legislation.


Fox News Radio Reporter Simon Owen reports live from the Sochi Games in Russia.  Kevin looks at a funny video from NBC News.  Jim from Star calls in to promote Kmillie Militia Gear.


Kevin examines and takes reaction about Chief Masterson's comments opposing the campus carry bill working it's way through the House.  Most listeners disagree with Masterson.  Kevin takes a look at local Kuna Football Player Boone Bartlome coming home.


Jennifer Golloher from Fox News Radio checks in from Sochi, Russia on the Olympic Games.  She details the Ukraine uprising and it's impact on the region.  Kevin brings up the move in Kansas to allow teachers and caregivers to spank children.

6AM-630AM Kevin takes a look at Allen West's editorial about Sgt. Bergdahl.  Kevin then details the speech by Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson against the campus carry bill.

530AM-6AM Kevin and Dave debate the Ukraine uprising and the tepid foreign policy of the Obama Administration.  Dave give details on the three alarm fire in Caldwell and debate workplace courtesy.

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