At one time, the entire world was focused on the small Idaho town of Haley. Disturbing videos from the Taliban showed Idaho native and Haley resident Bowe Bergdahl being held captive in Afghanistan. The display of an American held captive revived memories of the Iranian Hostage Crisis and the POWs in the Vietnam War.

Scott Olson / Getty Image
Scott Olson / Getty Image

Idahoans and Americans pressured the Obama Administration to get Staff Sergent Bergdahl home. (Privately, local military officials warned us at the time there was more to the story than what the public had been led to believe.)

Bergdahl's Defense
Kevin Miller, Townsquare Media

President Obama eventually cut a deal with the Taliban, sending several terrorists back to Afghanistan in exchange for the release of Staff Sergent Bergdahl after five years in captivity. He was later charged and convicted of desertion and misbehavior. His rank was reduced; he was dishonorably discharged and charged a fine of $10,000.

Bowe Bergdahl
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loading... reports that his decision was overturned due to the Mr. Bergdahl's judge not disclosing his application for a position in the Trump Administration. The government argues the cost of another trial is too high and not necessary.

We will let you know when the appeal hearing is scheduled.

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