Kevin Miller begins the show by interviewing Curtis Houck from Newsbusters in Washington DC.  Mr. Houck and Kevin Miller review the last 48 hours of media coverage on the Finland trip between the United States and Russia.

Kevin Miller reports that chip sealing season has begun in the Treasure Valley.  He solicits calls on whether or not there is a better way to maintain the roads in the area.  Several folks call Kevin Miller to express their frustration with how much damage the chips cause their windshields.

Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners concerning the future of community policing.  He cites several examples of police departments, locally and across the country, lip syncing to the hits.  Kevin Miller points out how this helps law enforcement reach out to their communities.

Liberty McCorter from the joins Kevin Miller to discuss the plight of fifteen year old Leah Sharibu in Nigeria.  She was kidnapped over 150 days ago and is a Christian.  Her captors want her to convert to Islam and she will not do it.




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