Idaho living isn't for everyone, but if the Keens fit, wear 'em to Table Rock, friend!

Today's focus is a nod to the ones on a mission to keep it real...real Idaho. Like the Iggy Azaleas of the Gem State, these Janes and Johns are out to prove they're the "rillist" of the real when it comes to Idaho living.


In honor of their borderline unhealthy devotion to the Idaho way, we've come up with a rather whimsical tagline for this ultra-intense group: the We-dahos. The We-dahos only shop at locally-owned stores. They're groupies in every 208-centric Facebook group in your newsfeed. And every segment of their Idaho adventures are artfully documented on Instagram.

Be honest. Does any of this describe you? Hey, that's okay. We support your sweet but psychotic love for all things Treasure Valley and beyond. Keep scrollin' to see if you've gone full-Idaho.

You Know You've Gone Full-Idaho When...[Quick List]

1. Steelhead. You're all about them. From Boise's hockey team to the dinner table, steelhead sustains you. And the orange squishy pucks for the puck toss, yeah, you've got like six of 'em floating around your house and your car.

2. Drop It Like It's Hot. Boise's New Year's Idaho Potato Drop is your huckaberry jam. Your strategically styled and winterized attire make for the perfect slightly-red-nosed selfie in front of the mega spud, and you love it. Admit it: the sheer anticipation of next year's ceremony bakes your potato.

3. Divine is Idaho Wine. Your cup runneth over...for Idaho wine. As if you yourself were cut from the proverbial grapevine, your wine cellar lineup reads like a pamphlet for a Chinden wine tour.

4. Lolo. The Lolo Pass is your go-to getaway on your motorcycle. It's 175 miles of inviting asphalt and smooth cruising you need like water, like breath, like the open-road air.

5. Bogus Basin. The double "b" is your home away from home come winter time.

6. Actually, it's pronounced like this... The pronunciation police in you runs deep. Try as you might to refrain, you're like Idaho's autocorrect. It's annoying.

7. Waves. Your desire to issue "the wave" in traffic, in groceries aisles, and any other place is insatiable and totally in concert with Idaho's friendly values.

8. Swag. Your collection of Idaho swag is off the chain and busting out of your closet. And you know you can't live without your signature Idaho "keep her wild," top!

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