Thousands of pounds of prescription medications were dropped off by people in Idaho and the surrounding region in the latest national drug drop-off event. According to statistics provided by the Drug Enforcement Agency, Idaho residents turned in 5,402 pounds, or 2.7 tons, of prescription medications at 39 collection sites during the DEA's National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day in October.

Overall the DEA and partners collected a  grand total of 12.7 million pounds of unused prescription drugs since the program began in 2010. During the Oct. 2019 event Americans dropped off nearly 442 tons of medications. People in the Pacific Northwest, including Idaho, turned in 18.5 tons of prescriptions; the third-largest amount for the region.

The event allows people to dispose of unused, expired,  and unwanted prescription drugs without question at a variety of partner drop-off locations, many of which are sheriff's offices and police departments.

This year the DEA also allowed the take back of vaping devices and cartridges as hundred of people have become ill and some have died in what health officials say is linked to vaping.

Here are some of the statistics from around the region provided by the DEA:

Washington - 105 collection sites which resulted in 15,623 pounds (7.8 tons)  removed from circulation.

Oregon - 54 collection sites which resulted in 11,609 pounds (5.8 tons) removed from circulation.

Alaska - 20 collection sites which resulted in 4,346 pounds (2.2 tons) removed from circulation.


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