The media fallout continues over the decision by Fox News to fire their popular personality, Tucker Carlson. Read our coverage of how Idaho is reacting to the troubling news here. Whether you like Mr. Carlson or not, everyone wants to know his next move. Will he return to a cable outlet like Newsmax, OAN, CNN, or even MSNBC?

Other media insiders speculate that Mr. Carlson is so famous he could sign a deal exceeding the $200 million paid to Joe Rogan for his podcast on Spotify. However, one has to wonder if Mr. Carlson would be willing to relocate since there's no need for him to live on the east coast. As of the time of this publication, Mr. Carlson lives in Maine.

We want to encourage the former Fox News host to consider starting his life over by relocating to the Gem State, as so many of us have. Maine is lovely, but the state is liberal and lacks the mystique of living in the West. Mr. Carlson has shown a love of our area by traveling to Montana on a hunting or fishing trip. Unlike Montana, Mr. Carlson would not be harassed while trying to buy something at a local store. Idaho liberals, thankfully, mind their own business due to their limited hold of elective office.

In Idaho, Mr. Carlson can live as close to a big city, Boise, or own his version of his 'private Idaho, where he can fish, hunt, and produce his show without regard for prominent state liberals harassing him.

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