Today is the day that marijuana activists cherish, April 20th. Suppose you're unfamiliar with the 4/20, which is the term used for marijuana. Many will wear shirts, and perhaps they'll be massive parties thrown by our friends in Ontario.

Unlike other pro-marijuana states, Idaho will never become a state that embraces or legalizes marijuana. The Gem State is the only state in the nation that hasn't allowed medical or recreational weed to be legalized.

There have been attempts by some in the Idaho legislature to legalize medical marijuana, but those attempts have failed. It is against federal law to use marijuana, but thanks to the federal government not enforcing its laws, states have decided to make it legal.

The House of Representatives has passed bills making weed legal at the federal level, but the Senate has declined to approve the measure. There have been attempts by the Senate to allow banks to recognize dispensaries as official businesses, but those efforts have failed. It is a fantastic contrast that you can sell weed legally in Oregon but cannot deposit your earnings in a bank that the United States government regulates.

Idaho Governor Brad Little has continued to state that he is not the governor who will allow marijuana to become legal in Idaho. Oregon relies on Idaho's strict law and order laws to fund its legal marijuana industries.

Ontario's weed shops lead Oregon in marijuana sales due to its proximity to the Idaho border. Law enforcement officials routinely have checkpoints for folks returning from the Oregon border.

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