The saga of the Chinese spy balloon invading our national air space is over, thanks to the work of the US Military. The balloon was shot down Saturday by US Fighter Jets, and now the intelligence community will do their best to find out what the Chinese Communists were up to flying their balloon over America.

Most Idahoans and Americans have wondered why President Biden did not shoot down the balloon. After all, the balloon did violate our national air space. Another question is why didn't the governor of Montana use his state's National Guard fighters to shoot down the spy balloon. We cannot comment why those two leaders chose to allow the Communist Chinese to fly over America; however, a spy balloon would be shot down if it flew over Idaho.


Idaho does have a relationship with China. The Communist country that wants to take over the world is Idaho's third largest trading partner. We send them potatoes, agriculture equipment and high tech computer gear. A few years ago the previous governor traveled to China to increase exports to the Communists.     



Gem Staters take their national security seriously. Idaho is home to several top military and national security bases crucial to the nation's security. Read on to learn how we would handle one or many Chinese zeppelins in Idaho.


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