Governor Little is on a road trip looking at our transportation challenges. The state legislature is on Spring Break. No, Idaho Politicians are not involved in a remake of 'National Lampoon's Animal House.'

However, it is tragically comical how both government branches continue to ignore our dire transportation issues in Ada and Canyon counties.

What happens if the limited construction that we see in Ada County comes to a halt? Could we see a scenario where road construction is halted because there is not enough money to maintain our existing roads and bridges? Maintenance will take priority over needed road expansions and improvements.


I will be paying particular attention to tomorrow's meeting at ACHD. There has been no movement in the legislature to aid ACHD in its responsibility for Ada County's infrastructure. ACHD roads impact Canyon County also due to the number of people who commute from Canyon County to work in Ada County.

Gem State legislators around the state nickname our county the 'Great State of Ada.' They're right; we have the largest population and contribute the most to Idaho's tax revenue. Yet, there is a bias against Ada County from elected officials across the state. It is time for our senators and representatives in Ada and Canyon counties to put forth additional legislation to send much-needed funds to our area.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

If not, officials tell me we could see a doomsday scenario where new construction will stop. A question for our legislators? Have we renewed the funding from our vehicle registration fees? Money from those fees helps fund ACHD. Without those funds, who will fund the roads? Without funding, we can all expect longer commute times regardless of whether we're on a road trip or Spring Break.

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