How many times a year do you go camping? How about hunting?

Let me broaden the questions here: How many times a year do you SEEK outdoor adventure?

If your answer is a large number, you'll want to keep reading.

My friends always give me a hard time for hating the outdoors. No, I don't hate the outdoors at all-- not even in the slightest! I just prefer to be indoors a little more? I love a good hike, white water rafting is my all-time favorite activity, camping is fun (like 2 times a summer max), and snow....well nevermind, snow sucks.

This amazing opportunity being afforded by Airbnb is just a little more than I am looking for. You? Maybe it's a fit.

Odds are, you have never been to Antarctica. The worlds largest dessert and LEAST populated continent. Airbnb is looking for five winners to send down, all expense paid, and assist in research surrounding pollution and micro-plastics in a role they're calling "citizen scientist".  You don't need any sort of educational or science background to apply at all, by the way-- just an adventurous spirit! In fact, there will even be a crash course in Chile before you head down!

An adventurous spirit is an understatement, as the 'sabbatical' is 30-days long. Tell your boss you will be right back?

I love this idea and knowing how much Idahoan's and folks right here in the Treasure Valley love getting outside, I feel like there's no reason someone should represent us down there! Interested in learning more? Check out the video below!

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