Chilly and Crisp
Throw on a hoodie and warm up the car
We made it, folks
We made it to fall

Weirdly Warm
Take off the hoodie, A/C in the car
I thought we made it, folks
It's supposed to be fall

Comfortably cool
Put the hoodie back on, open the window
Look at that, folks
It feels like fall

Chilly and Crisp
Snuggle in the blanket, turn on the heat
Settle in, folks
It's finally fall

It's...warm? What?
So I'll wear...a tee shirt?
I don't understand weather, folks
What even is fall?

It's raining randomly
Didn't think to bring an umbrella
Trust nothing, folks
But I guess it is fall

Why is it hot?
Tank and shorts, turn on the A/C
Is this the same day, folks?
I promise, it's fall

Wow, it's freezing
Why is the A/C still on?
Unpredictability, folks
That's an Idaho fall

Truthfully, I'm not the most bothered by this fickle fall that can't decide what's what. Harmless surprises from Mother Nature, if you ask me. Those random warm days give you a few last chances to show off your summer wardrobe or get a last dip in the pool. Who could be mad at that? And the fall foliage is already here regardless of what the weather is like. Just enjoy it, folks, before the first freeze sets in and we're declaring it winter ahead of the solstice. I'm beginning to think that seasons don't actually mean much anymore.

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