The relationship between a doctor and their patient is sacred. Most doctor's offices are a place of safety and comfort. However, one Boise area police department says that wasn't the case with a local chiropractor.

The Garden City Police Department has arrested Doctor Justin Anderson of Boise with two counts of video voyeurism. Police were tipped off by one of the patients who allegedly found a recording device. The device was found in the room where patients changed their clothes before receiving treatment.

Garden City Police were notified by the victim, who left the doctor's office immediately to inform the police department. The call was followed up by the police department, which Garden City Detectives investigated.

What is Video Voyeurism?

Idaho Code defines it as the following:

(a)  "Broadcast" means the electronic transmittal of a visual image with the intent that it be viewed by a person or persons.
(b)  "Disseminate" means to make available by any means to any person.
(c)  "Imaging device" means any instrument capable of recording, storing, viewing or transmitting visual images.

You can read the entire statute here.

Are There More Victims?

The investigation of Doctor Anderson will continue, according to the Garden City Police Department stated in a release. The police are looking for more alleged victims. If you believe you have been a victim of video voyeurism or have questions about the Doctor Anderson case, Garden City Police encourage you to call them at 208-472-2950.

Although the allegations are disturbing, we believe that everyone in America is innocent until proven guilty. Doctor Anderson will be tried through the Idaho court system.

The trust between a doctor and a patient cannot be overlooked in any cases.  Although, that initial trust has been tested during the pandemic and post pandemic years. Many folks continue to question the directions from medical authorities because of their distrust of Doctor Anthony Fauci.  We will continue to keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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