The crisis on the border has turned every town into a border town. We hear that from local, state, and national law enforcement officers. Under the new Biden Administration's open border policy, a record two million illegal aliens will be allowed entry into our country.

Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue, local sheriffs, and former federal law enforcement officers will meet in Washington DC this week as part of the Federation for American Immigration Reform's annual 'Hold Their Feet to the Fire.'

  Joining the law enforcement community will be the nation's 66 premier local talk show hosts who've traveled to DC from across the country. The two-day event has been going on for fifteen years. KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller is one of the selected hosts who will broadcast his show back to Boise on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  

What will be discussed at the two day conference?

We asked Bob Dane FAIR's executive director. “The Biden-Harris administration has not only taken a torch to every aspect of U.S. immigration policy and law, with disastrous results, they are blatantly lying to the American public. Just this week, Vice President Harris claimed on national television that our borders are secure,” he said. “Sadly, the ideologically-driven mainstream news outlets refuse to report the extent of the damage the Biden-Harris administration has wrought on the American public."

Mr. Dane continues, "The American public knows it is being lied to, and the purpose of Hold Their Feet to the Fire is to make sure that the American people have the information they need to hold the administration and Congress accountable for their reckless and politically-driven policies by blanketing the nation’s radio airwaves.”

Join Kevin Miller to hear the firsthand stories of law enforcement, ranchers, and Idaho politicians confronting illegal immigration and the fentanyl crisis.

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