CapEd Credit Union announced they would lead the effort to return the Fourth of July Parade to Idaho's capital city. A big thank you to the folks at CapEd for stepping up to support our American values. We have been the only media outlet that has advocated for Boise to join every other American community and celebrate America.

“CapEd Credit Union embraces this opportunity to support an important community – and national – celebration. We look forward to drawing on our eighty-six-year legacy of supporting and enhancing our community. I invite individuals and businesses to join us in organizing our community’s 4th of July Independence Day Parade.” shared CapEd CEO, Todd Erickson. “Our organization wants to ensure that “succeeding generations” celebrate the “memorable epoch in the history of America.”

CapEd will now begin the work, in addition to their day jobs of working with your money of organizing the Fourth of July Parade. They're starting from scratch with this one. We haven't heard from Boise Mayor Lauren McLean on whether or not she supports the return of the Fourth of July Parade.

Does she love America? I wouldn't want to question anyone's patriotism. Still, we did look at the Twitter feeds of the mayor and city council members to see if they're behind a private company supporting America.

The mayor and her allies on the Boise City Council are never at a loss for words commenting on national issues. So why haven't we heard from the city's leaders about this inspiring announcement?  


One member of the city council did comment on the proposed parade's return in a release provided by CapEd.  Boise City Councilwoman Luci Willits commented, “The Fourth of July is a time where we celebrate our nation’s historic founding, the principles of liberty, and what makes America so special - it’s people. We need community opportunities to gather as family, friends, and neighbors.  I’m thrilled CapEd is stepping up to ensure the Fourth of July parade continues in our capital city!”

Let's hope the mayor and the city council support the folks that love America and want to have a real parade celebrating America on Independence Day.

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