Imaging living in the year 2021 and hearing someone make the case that independent women are a threat to our society?

While we wish we were kidding--this is reality.

Over the weekend, Boise State Professor Scott Yenor began to take some real heat after video surfaced of him speaking publicly at an event where he, more or less, called independent women a threat. In his speech, Yenor suggests that women be kept out of engineering, medical, and law fields so that instead, they can focus on "homemaking and having children".

Perhaps Yenor has been watching too much Handmaids Tale?

It didn't take long for Boise to react to Yenor's remarks online and beyond--as one would expect, his remarks haven't made him the most popular person. See below for what some in Boise have to say..


Do you think Yenor was simply exercising free speech or should he be held accountable by his employer, Boise State University?

See Yenor's speech for yourself, BELOW:

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