The old phrase, "Be careful what you wish for, for you might get it could be applied to Boise State Football's loss to Memphis on Saturday. The Bronco coaching staff had sold the public that the team could handle one of the most challenging schedules in recent years. After five games, the team is 2-3, leading to most of us believing the team wasn't up to the usual preseason coaching hype. The Broncos are in trouble, but what else is new in the Andy Avalos coaching era?

The team roared out to a 17-0 lead before the cagey Memphis Tigers, aided by multiple Boise State coaching and player mistakes, roared back winning 35-32.

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Despite the efforts of Ashton Jeanty, who rushed for four touchdowns and 82 yards, the rest of the team could not match his efforts. Talented Quarterback Taylen Green was benched in favor of backup Maddox Madsen, who threw for 175 yards and two touchdowns. Mr. Green threw for 200 yards with no touchdowns.

Boise State now has a quarterback controversy thanks to the seat-of-your-pants coaching style during the three seasons of Andy Avalos.

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